Alien's Sushi Bar is a pair of restaurants owned by Alien-king.


While on Earth Alien bought a closing down sushi restaurant and renovated it and re-opened it. The restaurant was successful for a time until Alien had to close it down due to him going though his transformation. The bar remained closed for a long time until it was eventually reopened/

Years after its initial closing A.L.I.E.N reopened the sushi bar to aide him in his research of humans. He set up cameras to spy on customers to study their interactions with each other. Once he finished his research he sold the restaurant and moved on.

Meanwhile on Eden (where Alien was now living) Alien missed his old business and bought a similar restaurant on Eden where he started his business up again where it is currently doing quite well. Despite the multipliable Kaiju attacks the bar has yet to be destroyed.

Employee's Edit

Help WantedEdit

The following positions are available, and can give you some good spending money for your character:

  • Additional waiters/waitresses 

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