Alexides is a mysterious assassin who works for a secret organization. He is tasked with hunting down a small list of people. His specialties are steath, archery, poison making, and magic.

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Alexides is a Argonian, a race of reptilian humanoids from a far away continent on a distant planet called Nirn. The continent is called Tamerial, but Alexides is a trained killer born under the sign of the Shadow, he was the ability to breath under water, become invisible (via magic), and is skilled in using the Bow and Arrow, Sword, and can make deadly poisons. Somehow he got teleported by supernatural means to a planet called Earth, a rather strange planet.


Alexides skin/scales is black along with red areas, he has 2 horns on his head along with others all over his face. He wears a skin tight leather black and red body suit with many buckles and straps. His eyes are white with black slits (similer to snake). He is about 5'7 and has sharp fangs.

Weapon ExpertiseEdit

Alexides is skilled in the use of hand to hand combat, he favors a steel sword along with a dagger for assassinations, a bow and arrow for ranged combat, and a poison vile which is self explanatory for its uses. He is also skilled in throwing knives. HIs planet is a in their "Viking Age" so there isnt firearms. But on Earth he has begun to learn how to use them. And has shown skill in a sniper rifle due to it having the same principles as a bow.


Steel Sword

Bow and Arrow

Throwing knives

Sniper Rifle (doesnt actually have one, but he knows how to use one)

Special AbilitesEdit

Alexides is also a magic user, he can bend anyones will to his own by casting a special spell, he can also turn invisable, muffle his movement, calm a angry opponant, or even cause them to attack there own teamates.

List of Magic he usesEdit

Bend Will = Allows him to control a person to make them his tempary allie 

Invisibility = Can become invisiable for a short amount of time

Calm = Can calm anyone so they wont attack

Fury = Can cause a person to attack anyone Alexides wants them to within the spell duration

Muffle = Can make his footsteps unheard

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