Aegis Class Gunship
Aegis Gunship
A Stationary Aegis






Heavy Gunship / Troop Transport


  • 1 Pilot
  • 2 Turret Gunners
  • 1-2 Engineers
  • 1-6 Fully Armed Soldiers (Optional)


  • Atmosphere
  • Space

The Aegis Gunship is a new Heavy Gunship created by the CMF. The Aegis Gunship was introduced as a way to safely transport important units, support ground troops, and to protect VIP's. Heavily armed and well defended, the Aegis is a unit enemy forces should not underestimate.

General InformationEdit

The Aegis Gunship is a newly designed CMF aircraft made with the best resources available. No expense was spared when creating each unit, and as such there are very few of them in service. However, this also led to each Aegis to become an Ace in the CMF's back pocket; the deployment of a single Aegis Gunship can change the tide of almost any ground battle imidietely. The gunship can provide heavy fire supprt, and deploy troops (or pickup the injured). When damaged, the Two ngineers stationed within the Aegis can perform quick repairs from the inside, as most equipment on the gunship is accessible internally to prevent hazardous EVA repair activities.

The CMF uses a lightly armed version with an enlarged troop bay as their primary dropship. This variant only has the main 50mm cannons, standard (non ECA) armor, and energy shielding, making it much more cost efficient for its role.


As mentioned, no expense was spared when designing the Aegis class. To fullfill their role, they are armed to the teeth and equiped with high tech defenses, such as:

  • Dual 20mm Rotary-Gattling Cannon "Overwatch" Turret
  • Dual 25mm Rotary-Gattling Cannon "Sentinal" Turret
  • Two (2) Forward Facing 50mm "Tkertig" Auto-Cannons
  • Internal Rocket/Missile Racks
  •  Energy Conversion Armor: The same type of armor Variable Fighters and Mobile Suits use, this armor's efficiency is boosted with energy from the reactor.
  • "Phalanx" Shielding System: Advanced shielding system that provides overall protection, concenstrating shielding power where needed most.
  •  Compact Nuclear-Reactor/Sterling-Engine Combination Energy System
  •  Variable Countermeasures: Standard Flare and Chaff Dispensers for heatseaking guided weapons, and an Electronic Counter Measures Pod  (ECMP) to disrupt any radar or similarly guided weapons.

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