.505 Special Edit

Exon called for a specially designed revolver with a slightly higher projectile size to be given to high ranking officer/oficials who are in league with the USSR (or the central alliance if need arrises). With a final market value of 9,500 cr, this peice is meant to be used more as a peice of authority instead of an every day carry item (a less ornate "judge" carrying the .500 caliber can be purchased for 2,000 cr less). Shipped with ornate finish and beautiful trim, the AR-505 is truly a beautiful handgun.

Armiger Edit

Armiger uses a special alloy with most of its weapons, the Papasha is no exception with near perfect reliabilty (due to it being a revolver) and accuracy with a trained hand. With an overall length of 1.5 feet paired with the overkill .505 special round this revolver takes serious muscle and discipline to use. The Papasha can also fire the "Mini-Pro" round which is basically a miniature protone torpedo able to by-pass shields and (with skill) kill with a single headshot.


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