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Advanced Research Group United Support, initialized as ARGUS, is a research group and response task-force ran by the Orb Union. They're the main force behind the schooling and assistance to those of different species and/or incredible ability, using the data they collect to develop new technology and tactics to strengthen and protect Orb. 


Main StaffEdit

  • Slade Wilson (President of ARGUS and Chief Representative of Orb)
  • Amanda Waller (Acting leader of ARGUS)
  • Dr.Chole Michel (Head of medical staff)
  • Warden Kuril 


  • Mimic


  • Task Force X
-A revival of an old Orb military project, the Suicide Squad is made of up individuals with great talents and abilities who have been incarcerated for the various crimes they have commited. They are thus used as disposable agents and assets, either being put on the field for missions that no one could survive or being used for other projects in ARGUS.
  • Unamed genetics project
  • Fluctlight
- A project headed by Kayaba Akihiko, it aims to be able to study and ultimately control a persons consciousness or soul. It has had many breakthroughs, some of which are used to control members of the Suicide Squad.

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