AC Sandtrap
AC Sandtrap was an Armored Core used by the JSDF. Its only known fight was Helmsdeep.

History Edit

After anti-air was cleared, Sandtrap was dropped into the battle among 5 other ACs which were dropped from the Sulacco. The ACs entered a defensive formation to cover the force of Apocalypse Tanks as they proceeded to crush the last remnants of resistance, offering firing support to the powerful battle tanks.

Soon, Hayabusa, their squad leader, split the ACs into two groups; Sandtrap remained behind with Bombshell, and Durge as temporary leader, to continue aiding the Apocalypse tanks while Hayabusa took the other two ACs to preemptively strike the final target.

Along the way, Sandtrap witnessed an attack on several Apocalypse tanks by a lone Venom aircraft, which disabled the vehicles completely. Initially staying to defend the exiting crew from possible follow-up attack, Sandtrap then volunteered himself to take down the Venom, which proved to be a fatal mistake. Underestimating the fighter's dangerous combination of firepower, armor and maneuverability, his AC took devastating hits as his weapons proved near useless. With his last act, Sandtrap slowed his descent enough to cause a collision with the fast chasing jet, taking down the Venom but costing him his life.

AC Sandtrap Edit

Sandtrap's AC was an early Generation 3 bipedal unit of medium-light build, meaning it was more focused on maneuverability than armor and firepower. Nevertheless, it still packed an impressive punch with its armament, which, although consisting almost entirely of machine guns, still allowed it to assist a great deal in taking down several scorpion tanks. It used a heavy machine gun in both hands, twin-linked gatling guns mounted on the shoulders, a gatling gun missile interceptor on each shoulder, and a mine layer unit in its core. The AC was colored a desert brown, fitting its Sand styled name, and had no decals to enhance a desert camouflage effect.

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