Ac red dragon
was an AC used by the JSDF. Its only known fight was Helmsdeep.

Armored Core Edit

RED DRAGON was an early Generation 3 bipedal AC of medium-heavy build. It was rather heavily armed for its last mission, coming with a powerful laser rifle in the right hand, a medium machine gun in the left, a medium rocket pod on the right shoulder, a triple barrel rocket launcher on the left shoulder, anti-missile defense missile launchers mounted outside the shoulders, napalm rocket launchers inside the shoulders, a dumb bomb dispenser inside the AC's core unit, a laser missile interceptor as part of the core, and a pair of heavy pistols mounted on the rear shoulders as alternate weapons for its hands. The AC's maneuverability was moderate despite its great bulk and weight, as it boasted a powerful booster system fed by an enhanced fueling unit. Its main color was steel, secondary color red, and sported the pilot's Red Dragon emblem across the AC's left shoulder.

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