The AC-293 "Strix" is a gunship in service with the UNSC. It was introduced to replace the AC-220 "Vulture" and provide heavy fire support, as well as provide rapid deployment.  

Equipment and ArmamentsEdit

  • Two Triple barrel GAU/53 70mm autocannon
  • Two M8C Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Cannon
  • Two unmanned dual 37mm turrets (rear and top)
  • 8 ANVIL IV ASM 8/pod
  • 22 Argent V missiles
  • One M247H or AIE-486H machine guns

Armor and countermeasuresEdit

  • Semi self-repairing Titanium A - two inches of Titanium A that has limited repairing ability through nano technology.
  • Hardlight shielding
  • Chaff, flare, ECMP and deployable decoy drones

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