The 97th Task Force is a UCR Aerospace naval unit formed around the UCR Vanir in 2578. The Task Force is under the overall command of the Commodore Blade Capelann.


The unit was formed in 2578 and is centered around the recently commissioned UCR Vanir. The task force has been involved in several NUNS combat operations in the Andromeda Galaxy as part of the larger NUNS 7th Fleet. At the end of November 2579, the unit returned to UCR space in the milky way galaxy for a three month refit period.

Since march of 2580, the 97th has been patrolling UCR and allied space.


  • UCR Vanir -CS(S)
  • UCR Glaive - ASL(S)
  • UCR Halberd - ASL(S)
  • UCR Oberon - CL(S)
  • UCR Chimera -  CL(S)
  • UCR Akabasca - DDH(S)
  • UCR Emerald Thunder - DDH(S)
  • UCR Lavanda - DDG(S)
  • UCR Remus - DDG(S)
  • UCR Olavia - DDG(S)
  • UCR Thunderclap -  DDG(S)

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