The 8nd Airborne Division is a elite unit of Airborne troopers in the Cornerian MIlitary. They use the newly issued Airborne shock armor. They are the only unit that can be commanded directly by the President. Simliar to the Naval Marines. The unit was decimated and disbanded in the Cornerian Rebellion in 2580.

82nd Airborne Division
from left to right

rifleman, automatic rifleman, grenadier. 3 of the different positions that a infantry squad consists of



Led by

President, Army High Command


"All the way!"


THe 82nd was formed shortly after the Cornerian-Genisus conflict. The Unit is one of the only units to be in service so long that is has used every generation of equipment used by the Army. They are currently using the advanced MK1 Battle armor. It is a new armor that is very light but also durable. Able to withstand small arms fire and small laser weapons before finally breaking.


Cornerian Rebellion - 2580 - (?)

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