501st Battalion


  • UNSC Redgauntlet
  • Miridem Tower


UNSC Marine Corps




  • AH-44 Harrier
  • D-81 Condor
  • MA5D
  • M6C
  • M90
  • SRS-99C-S2 AM
  • M12 LARV "Warthog"
  • M739 SAW
  • Suleika Early type

The 501st Battalion is a formation within the UNSC Marine Corps. For much of their existence they were part of the UNSC Redgauntlets' marine contingent. They participated in battles of the UCR-UEG war, actions against the Garmillians and various skirmishes against Insurrectionists post-Human Covenant War. After the destruction of the Redgauntlet the 501st was stationed on Miridem Tower, the UNSC's HQ building in the TRM.

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