3rd Shock Army
The Common 3rd Shock Army Soldier




Shock Troop/Mechanized

Training Quality

Extremely High


Mostly Human, some Sangheili

Combative Tendencies

Ruthless Assault

Combat Usage

Storm/lightning Tactics

"They fought an army that covered them 6 to 1 but they felt no fear, they fought covered in snow while their enemies enjoyed the warmth of their bases but they felt no chill, they fought covered in wounds and scars with little to no food or water but they felt no pain, this is the Third Shock Army." The Exon Times, corresponding to the 30th anniversary to the Battle of Kursk on the 3rd Shock Army.

"Give them nothing! But take from them, everything!" - An ancient quote coined as the 3rd Shock Army's Motto

Pride of the Exon Red ArmyEdit

As long as the Third Shock Army lives, the heart of the Red Army will never be broken. The 3rd Shock Army is home to the most veteranized heavy infantry in all of the Red Army. They excel at all forms of combat but seem to be at home in close quarters fighting. Not only does one need to be a veteran of the Strelki Divisions, but they must complete the rigorous re-training to receive the Crimson Beret that signifies the completion of training and readiness for servitude.

The Crimson BeretEdit

The training for the third is extremely dangerous with about 1 out of every 13 that attempts training being able to complete it (and that's out of hardened military veterans). The training focuses mostly on the physcology of the soldier with added emphasis on speed, strength and endurance training (with strength being left to them for after basic training, they must keep a strict muscle to fat ratio to stay within the shock armies). Training includes being broken down and built up again daily as well as leadership specification for squad leaders. Sangheili have a particular difficult time passing the training due to multiple reasons (mostly being starved out or being unable to accomplish training tasks such as climbing and swimming, somethings that Sangheili have particular difficulty doing).


The third shock army is known for its scorpion insignia. They are also known for maintaining a fairly reasonable ammount of facial hair and tatoos to disinguish themselves from the rest of the populace (Although they are strictly prohibited during training, only when they become a part of the team will they be able to follow traditions). They are also known for wearing their uniforms practically everywhere.




The Exon Independence (November Revolution)  

UNSC invasion  

Nippon Invasion 

Kig Yar invasion 

Balaho invasion 

Defense of Exon civil war 

Nippon invasion 

Spring Offensive of 2578

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