24th Fighter Squadron


Early 2579.

Part of

7th Aviation Division


Nilo Confederation Military

Led by

Vero Venau




  • VF-171 Nightmare Plus
The 24th Fighter Squadron "Shrike" (SFS-24) is a component unit of the 7th Aviation Division of the Nilo Condfederation Military founded in early 2579. It is commanded by Captain Vero "Skuas" Venau. 


The squadron was founded in early 2579 as one of the newest commissioned squadrons of the large 7th Aviation Division based on the carrier NCV Elvin Alder. The squadron was one of the first to receive the Nilo modification of the VF-171, often using them against pirate forces during the Confederation's expansion to gain more worlds. As of 2580, Captain Vero Venau (nicknamed Skuas) is the squadron's top ace pilot, with 23 confirmed air to air kills.

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