Walkure Squadron

22nd Fighter Squadron


Part of

  • 12th Fleet
    • 17th Carrier Group
      • 42nd Wing


UNSC Air Force


Arad Meroda


August 13, 2510 - Present

Units operated



The 22nd Fighter Squadron, nicknamed Walkure Squadron. It is part of the 12th Fleet and attached to the carrier Asteria.


The original 22nd Fighter Squadron was formed in 2510. The squadron first fought in the Eridanus system. The squads Longswords initially destroyed a number of small makeshift warships. Once the opposition in space was obliterated, the Squad supported Marine forces with precision strikes. They continued in numerous skirmishes throughout the system as part of OPERATION: TREBUCHET.

Human-Covenant WarEdit

In the opening year of the Human-Covenant War the 22nd engaged Covenant Seraphs the Battle of Alpha Aurigae. While the attack was successfully repelled, the squad lost one member.


UEG-UCR War and peaceEdit

Walkure received five XF-31 prototypes in March of 2578 and their VF-29/30's were taken for use elsewhere.

They will perform on Wellow.


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