Wort wort wort Edit

The 'Chavam house was built on Eden for Stacker as an upgrade from his cardboard box (which he still uses when he feels unsafe). The house has an unknown amount of rooms mainly because he doesn't even know and no one other then his family lives there and people rarely come to visit him except when asking for bills but it is large enough to accommodate his entire family. Stacker's box is located in his living room next to his couch.

Inhabitants Edit

Vasilly 'Chavam - Stacker's playful son, grew up not even being able to hurt a fly now a Fleetmaster (he still won't directly hurt anyone and is very forthright about proper handling of prisoners)

Thel 'Chavam - Stacker's dad and the only known part of Stacker's old family. Thel shows up occasionally to visit Stacker but lives with Rias (Where ever the hell that is... get it?)

Alex 'Chavam - Spent most of his time with Stacker while Rias and Thel where busy and still does spend most of his time on Eden.

Morgan Varsity - Stacker's waifu and bestest of friends ^,^

James 'Chavam - Like Alex he spent most of his time with Stacker on Eden.

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