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I was doing a RP Story Godzilla Wars VS: Attack on Kaiju.
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Someone vandalized a page

Someone changed the text on the page to "Fak u stex"
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Sleep, School and Socialising - The Average Life of Eve

You lie in your bed, half asleep and listening to the obnoxious song you decided to set as your alarm, encouraging you to wake up through a happy tune, it seems like it worked. The device twinkles as it lies on your bedside cabinet, the light illuminating the darkned room for a brief moment until the song finally fades out.
"Morning..." you say in a weak whisper, your body too tired to put any effort into forming a proper sentence. The calming purrs underneath the sheets remind you of your roomates presence. You raise the sheets to reveal him, his warm body curled up against your stomach, fully content to stay asleep.
His presence puts a faint smile on your dreary face, and encourages you to weakly sit yourself up in bed. The sheets slide off you as you part your hair from in front of your face, allowing you to see the darkned room while your eyes adjust to the darkness.
The room was just as you left it the previous night, however as your eyes scours the small apartment you take notice of something at the base of your door. A small pile of letters, it looks like you must of slept in again and missed the postman.
You look up at the wall and at the clock placed upon it to confirm this. 12:10 PM, later than you would of liked to have woken up at. However despite your lay in, you feel like you could easily go back to sleep.
What do you do next?
> Get up and check the mail, its about time you woke up.
> Check your phone, you may have missed a message
> Go back to sleep, another hour won't hurt.
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Permanent Record (A Paragraph RP)

The sun was high and warm, the sky clear and blue, the air clean and filled with the sounds of birds chirping and bugs shrilling. It couldn’t be a more perfect day at Pyle Academy for what they had ahead of them.


When he was asked a few years ago to teach at this academy, Lawrence Crock, was reluctant of the idea of “teaching a bunch of snot nose kids with no backbone”, however, the self proclaimed sports master was turned around on the idea when he realised he could use it as a platform to launch himself back onto the pro-athlete scene.


However, as the years have gone on, Lawrence has taken a liking to his job as head of the physical education department. Nothing he enjoys more than shouting at a bunch of, in his eyes, layabout teens while forcing them to train until they felt they were going to die. It reminded of his own childhood.


And so, Lawrence Crock was eagerly awaiting the next batch of students set to arrive at the inauguration ceremony. A feeling not shared by his co-worker, Shouta Aizawa.


As a homeroom teacher, Shouta has seen many different types of student come and go, many of which were expelled by him. He was not impressed by the flashy high level students, and the low level ones he thought shouldn’t be at this school in the first place. In fact, this whole ceremony felt like a pointless exercise to him, which could explain his attire.


His hair was messy, his eyes tired and his clothes baggy, compared to his peer, who was dressed in a fitted track suit dawning the school's logo, he looked like he just walked off the streets after spending a night on them.


Nonetheless the two men sat on folded out metal chairs on top of the stage located in the school's main hall, waiting for the bell to ring and the new students to come pouring in. Whoever arrives today will need to face these two men, one ready to break them while the other is ready to set them up against his extremely high expectations.
(posting order will go me, Julia, Z, then followed by whoever else joins in.)
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Clockwork Reversal (A play-by-post Quest)

You've been having a bad dream lately.
It always starts the same, you find yourself in the capitol, Prima Luce. And it's always on fire. You can smell the smoke from every direction, practically tasting it as the seconds pass, your need for air forcing you to move. You're confused and disoriented, and your body moves accordingly, staggering past fires and rubble, and the occasional prone body. Not everyone is dead however, as you can hear screams in the distance; most are human, others are not. You don't want to meet the things that can make those noises.
Slowly, but steadily, you find the smoke and heat are falling behind you. The light of the immense fires giving way to the night sky. A large oak tree lies ahead, it and the patch of grass below it have yet to be touched by the destruction around you. You stagger towards it, collapsing on the ground with your head barely missing the trunk of the tree, avoiding cracking your own skull open.
You gasp for air, struggling to regain some sense of calm. You miss their footsteps through your labored breathing, and it's only the sudden warmth spilling from the hole in your chest that you find that you should have kept moving. You look down to see the tip of a blade move back into your body as your killer slowly kicks you off of his weapon.
You only cling on enough to hear him talk. His voice burning into your dying mind.
"Wake up."

You wake up in a cold sweat, as you've normally had for the past couple weeks.
You are Maka Tendou, a newly enrolled college student, and as of a couple minutes ago....Dead.
At the very least, in a dream.
Your new apartment is pitch black, only the scalding red numbers on your bedside clock provide minimal lighting. It's hard to stare at, but if you force yourself, you could see what time it was.You can hear your roommate snoring in the next room over, you've yet to get a job to help pay for your half of the rent, and it's only though her good graces you haven't been thrown out yet. Your cellphone buzzes in the darkness, it's a cheap brand, the only kind you could afford. Seems like you have a new message.
What would you like to do?
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The Quest (A possibly cannon rp)

in this roleplay the characters are in a fantasy style world like The elder scrolls Legend of Zelda Elsword World of Warcraft whatever you imagine it like i suppose anyway in this new world there is a evil force threatening to destroy it and our heroes must venture forth to stop it (not mandatory but medevil or fantasy style characters recomended) I will be using
The Journey Begins whenever you wish.
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CrossOver Academy (Non-Canon RP)

This RP is the first roleplay on the entire RP board so far. Please contact me via message wall before you hop into the roleplay, and provide me details on which character you will be using. So far the current participants are: (Yoko, Masked Hero Z, and Danno-048). The posts will go in this order.
Yoko slowly exited the plane, approaching the new school that she would attend for the next four years. She wore her school uniform, and she seemed to kind of like it. The school, was to teach students about combat, and ways to enhance their current abilities by stacking in even more. Despite that, the school is ranked #1 in the entire planet, and brings out the best of students attending the school. As she walked towards the entrance of "CrossOver Academy" she noticed quite a lot of things that seemed off. "....weird" she walked into the auditorium, and sat in her seat to await further instruction.
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